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We not only assist with daily invoices but also with turnover and income tax. And based on your figures, we provide advice and smart money-saving tips. We know all the
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Soon, every homeowner will be sent the new WOZ (Valuation of Property) value of their home

This value may be set too high by the municipality. If this should happen, then Poundwise can lodge an objection on your behalf free of charge.

Income tax – turning tax returns into a savings plan

This newsletter contains detailed information about your tax return(s) for the year 2023, answering questions about deferral, documentation, rates, deductions and our tips for ensuring that we receive the right

A unique, photo series by Arianne Kuulkers

"Finance in Amsterdam" is about the rush, the chaos, the risks. It’s about always seeking more, better, bigger, faster. Like

Box 3 – from fun box to mass objection

You've probably heard about it many times, the tax rules for box 3 have changed dramatically. In this newsletter you

Paid Parental Leave Act and other leave arrangements around the birth of your child

This value may be set too high by the municipality. If this should happen, then Poundwise can lodge an objection

More and more homebuyers keep their old home for rental

More and more private homebuyers are deciding to keep their homes. This is in order to be able to rent

Art photographer Jesse Faber exhibits “Finance in Amsterdam”

“In general, money and art don’t mix very well. But Poundwise gave me a free hand to shoot whatever I

Income from Bed & Breakfast

In Amsterdam, there are many individuals who make rooms available within the context of “Bed & Breakfast”. The biggest platform

Protocol Coronavirus

Most of our daily worries are of a personal nature, they concern our relationships, work, family of friends. Rarely we

Should you settle the ground lease for your home in Amsterdam, or not?

You have probably already received information about settling the ground lease from the municipality several times, but would settling the

Our services & privacy

We are happy to make clear agreements with you about our services and the associated costs. You can read more

Do you have a repayment-free mortgage?

Recent research has shown that many people are not aware of the risks associated with a repayment-free mortgage.