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If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.

Marc Anthony

As an entrepreneur, you want to focus on your core business; after all, you didn’t start your own venture for nothing and preferably do what makes you happy. However… That bookkeeping. Most entrepreneurs are not particularly thrilled about it. One solution could be to outsource it.

Your administration encompasses all the data about your business that you record on paper or electronically. It forms the basis of your tax returns: both VAT returns and your income tax return. If you have no interest or knack for bookkeeping, or if you want to fully dedicate your time to your business, why not come have coffee with us? We can precisely explain why you might consider outsourcing your bookkeeping.

The key benefits of outsourcing:

  • We handle your tax benefits.
  • You receive expert advice.
  • We don’t look back but forward, setting that goal on the horizon where you want to take your business.
  • You save yourself time or spend less time on administration

We not only assist with daily invoices but also with turnover and income tax. And based on your figures, we provide advice and smart money-saving tips. We know all the tax benefits, resulting in tax advantages. But it goes further than that: most accounting firms look at the numbers and can tell you how the past year went. But deep down, you already knew that. We LOOK AHEAD and can assist you in steering your business. Together with you, we set the goal on the horizon and work towards it. That’s why we’re called Poundwise Financial Coaching.

Interested? Then quickly make an appointment via our secretariat (020-3057555 or and come meet, for example, Rogier Fortuin or Inge Visser.

Hopefully, see you soon!

Get acquainted?

Rogier Fortuin
Accounting consultant
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