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Our services & privacy

We are happy to make clear agreements with you about our services and the associated costs. You can read more about this in this newsletter. In it, we go beyond the information we are obliged to provide you on the basis of the Dutch Financial Supervision Act. We are happy to provide you with additional information about our services to give you a good overall picture. If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our services & privacy

Name and address
Our details: Poundwise Financial Coaching B.V. and Poundwise Belastingadvies B. V. , Ferdinand Bolstraat 323 1072 MA Amsterdam

AFM Registration
Our office is registered with the AFM (Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets) under license number: 12008484.

On the basis of this license we are permitted to perform the following activities:

  • Advising and mediating in private indemnity insurance
  • Advising and mediating in business non-life insurance
  • Advising and mediating in income insurance
  • Advising and mediating in health insurance
  • Advising and mediating in asset-building products
  • Advising and mediating in mortgage credit
  • Advising and mediating in consumer credit
  • Advising and mediating in payment accounts
  • Advising and mediating in savings accounts
  • Advising and mediating in pension insurance

Nature of our services
Within the framework of our license we can be of service to you in the following ways:

1. We can give insight into your current situation when it comes to hedging certain risks.
2. When you know in general terms what kind of financial product you are looking for, we can help you compare and select the best option.
3. At your request, we can serve as a sounding board for your ideas about a given financial product.
4. We can coach you in creating a picture of the possibilities for insuring against certain risks.
5. We can give you complete advice on a financial product and guide you in concluding a suitable solution, whereby our services will, in principle, end the moment the respective product is concluded.
6. We can handle the complete management of financial products: advice, conclusion and guidance after the creation of a financial product. For the latter you can, for example, think of possible interim advice for adjusting the concluded product, or for handling a claim.

Complaints about the performance of our services
Of course, we do our best to be of service to you as well as possible. If you are not satisfied, however, we ask you to let us know immediately. We will do our utmost to correct your complaint as soon as possible.

If you feel that we have not responded adequately to your complaint, you can contact: Klachteninstituut Financiële Dienstverlening (Kifid)
Postbus 93257
2509 AG Den Haag, The Netherlands

Tel. +31 (0)70 – 333 8 999

Our office is affiliated with the Kifid under number 300.005.275.

Independent advice
Our office is completely impartial in its advice. This means that we have no contractual obligation to advise you to opt for the financial products of certain banks or insurance companies.

Free from controlling interests
We are a completely independent company. No bank, insurer or other provider of financial products has voting rights, shares or otherwise control in our company.

Our remuneration
The costs of our work can be financed by the bank or insurer with whom we put you in touch. This is called a commission. However, we are not allowed to receive commissions from banks or insurers for life insurance, mortgages, funeral insurance, payment protection, individual occupational disability insurance and pension insurance. Consequently, we charge you for the costs of our work with these products. Before we start any order, we put together an estimate of the service and the costs involved. This way, you know in advance what you are going to pay. You will receive a message from us in advance as soon as additional work is performed in relation to the accepted order.

Your personal data
In order to be able to advise you properly as to which financial products fit your situation, we will have a meeting together. In this meeting, we ask you different questions. These questions relate to your knowledge of and experience with financial services and your financial situation, such as income, expenses and assets, your wishes and needs insofar as relevant to the financial advice and your willingness to bear certain risks yourself, or your wish to cover these, by means of insurance, for example.

We handle your data carefully
We handle the information we receive from you with care. We have taken technical and organisational measures to prevent unauthorised third parties from learning about these data. All our employees have also signed a confidentiality agreement.

How do we use the information we receive from you?
We use the information we receive from you to analyse your financial situation. Our advice on which measures you can take to realise your desired financial security is based on this. This may relate to the accrual of your pension, the insurance against certain risks or the obtaining of financing.

Both in the context of drafting this advice and when you ask us to execute parts of this advice, it may happen that we will need to contact insurers, lenders, expert assessment agencies, labour experts and others who are relevant to the implementation of the recommendations made in order to achieve your financial security.

For insurers and lenders, this would then involve the information they need to be able to determine whether and, if so, under what conditions they wish to offer you a quote for insurance or credit. For assessment agencies, this involves data that are needed to assess the value of your property or other assets. For labour experts, this involves your contact details so that the labour expert can contact you in the context of an application for occupational disability insurance.

We will only pass on the personal data we receive from you to third parties when it is necessary to perform a specific part of your order. In such cases, we only provide these third parties with the information they truly need to perform the work we have requested for you.

How long do we keep your data?
We do not keep the data longer than necessary to perform the assigned work for you. After no later than ten years after the insurance policies and/or loans that we have created for you have ended, we will destroy the personal data we have received from you in this respect.

What are your rights?
You are our client. So you have the right to determine which information we receive from you or not. But you also have other rights. We’ve summarised these below.

a) You may always ask us for an overview of the personal data we have from you. This overview is provided free of charge.

b) If you believe that we have incorrectly processed certain information about you in our records, you can ask for a correction. We appreciate this greatly because obviously. we can only do our work well if the data we use to work for you is correct.

c) If you no longer wish us to retain certain information recorded in our records, you can request us to delete this information. Of course, in that case we will comply with your request.

d) We have indicated above how we use the information received from you. If at any time you wish to limit this use, for example, stipulating that we may not pass on certain data to a specific organization, you can let us know. We will naturally also comply with this request.

e) If you wish, you can ask us to forward your information to a third party. For example to your accountant, lawyer or bank. After receiving your request we will execute your request as soon as possible.

f) When we receive personal information about you from third parties, for example from your insurer, accountant, bank or other financial advisors, we will inform you about the source from which we received this information.

What is the situation if you don’t give us certain information, or restrict us in using it?
You can compare drafting a good financial advice plan to solving a puzzle. There are many separate pieces that are all mixed together at the beginning of our work. If we have all the pieces at our disposal, we will almost always succeed in solving the puzzle and sketching a complete picture.

But if you don’t wish to provide us with certain information or impose restrictions on its use, then we’ll be missing one or more “pieces” of the puzzle. Sometimes this doesn’t present an insurmountable problem to being able to sketch a certain end- picture. We will then point out to you that this report may have certain gaps because we didn’t have all the information at our disposal and what the consequences of that could be for you.

But if we’re missing too much information, we can’t draw up responsible advice and we will inform you that we can’t carry out our work for you.

Complaints about the way we handle your personal data
As indicated above, we try to handle your personal details as carefully as possible. Do you have questions about the way in which your personal data is handled within our office? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will then do our best to answer these questions as well as possible.

If you have complaints about the way in which our office handles your personal data, we ask you to contact the management of our office about this. We promise you that this complaint will receive our full attention.

Should you still believe that we have not dealt with your personal details with due care, you can submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority:

Of course there’s much more to tell
We hope that you now have a picture of what we can do for you. Of course that’s much more than you could read about in this newsletter. Please feel free to ask us any questions. Do you want to know more or about what we can do for you or how we work? We will gladly tell you in a personal meeting.

Do you want to know more?

Arianne Kuulkers

Communication- & Recruitment Manager

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