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Art photographer Jesse Faber exhibits “Finance in Amsterdam”

Exclusive for Poundwise relations

“In general, money and art don’t mix very well. But Poundwise gave me a free hand to shoot whatever I wanted in town. I was allowed to determine how we could visualize “Finance in Amsterdam”. I didn’t want to have images with prostitution, drugs or a street sign of the PC Hooft. I just wanted to capture the ordinary Amsterdam of real ‘Amsterdammers’. Not that of the tourists. ”

Your destiny

“Finance in Amsterdam” is also about taking your chances. One moment you are the king, the next moment you shrug your shoulders after a disappointment and you go on with your life. You can write books about that Amsterdam resilience.

Dreaming in your trolley

Millions of euros, packed in nothing more than a trolley case. Every day an army of dreamers with their heads full of ambitions moves to the Zuidas to earn big money. Amsterdam gives you that chance. But beware, the temptation of expensive things and a beautiful house that just costs too much, might kill your dreams.

Help a little

This is also “Finance in Amsterdam”. Merciless, harsh, unforgivable. But make no mistake. The real ‘Amsterdammer’ walks past it a few times, and then turns around and puts something in the cup. Because, together we Amsterdam!

Money. There is music in that.

Amsterdam has always been a home for creatives. “Finance in Amsterdam” also stands for earning money in a way that is slightly different. Some ‘Amsterdammers’ choose the illegal route, but often you just find them on the street with a piano and guitar.


Shop windows full of discounts, the real ‘Amsterdammer’ no longer cares about it. Still, crowds of people from far and wide flock through the Kalverstraat day in, day out, looking for just that little bit more. Three pairs of jeans for under fifty euros? You will jump in the air!

Work for your pennies

Left, right, traffic light, cross diagonally and get off again. For many ‘Amsterdammers’, the raging pizza couriers are the unwritten heroes for evenings when the supermarket is just a little too far away. If you look at it that way, the delivery people don’t really deserve what they are worth …

Stars of the economy

The city growls, squeaks and creaks under the weight of the daily hustle and bustle, the large and small transactions and the speed of working life. In the high towers of De Nederlandsche Bank the big money is managed and in the tram it is spent bit by bit on web shops full of great offers.

Rock around the block

Note for note, cent for cent the saxophonist at the Vondelpark earns his money. It is actually indispensable as background music for dates, walks and romantic evenings. If “Finance in Amsterdam” needs a soundtrack, we know where to find this uncrowned hero.

What are we doing

“Finance in Amsterdam”, it is good or bad. And with a maze of traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, diversions and tram tracks, a mistake is easily made. But hey, the real ‘Amsterdammer’ then pretends that his nose is bleeding and hopes to get rid of a strict police officer with a warning.


A piece of unwritten Amsterdam history: the boutique where you can get everything. In streets, alleys and canals, small shops fight for a clientele consisting of overwhelmed tourists and provincials on a bargain hunt. Has the decision already been made, or do you first take a look at the shop next door?


That leather wallet that grandfather already had in his back pocket, that too is “Finance in Amsterdam”. Money comes and goes on the market, tulips are sold and come in again, but the wallet remains. Generation after generation, until it really falls apart.

Wanna trade?

The market merchant. If the wind is right, you can hear it from afar. The Albert Cuyp echoes the past, while all kinds of goods are sold at a reasonable price. Are you looking for “Finance in Amsterdam”? Then start here!

Get acquainted?

Daphne Alon

Tax advisor/financial planner

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