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More and more homebuyers keep their old home for rental

More and more private homebuyers are deciding to keep their homes. This is in order to be able to rent it out, also known as keep-to-let. Research by the Kadaster shows that the phenomenon accounted for four percent of all transactions in the past ten years. This amounts to 62,000 homes.

According to the survey, this mainly concerns homebuyers owning apartments and row houses who decide to keep them after moving. These homes are located in the same municipality or region as the new home for more than half of the private homebuyers. The average age of this group is 46 years. This means that this group is five years older than private buyers in the housing market.

Reason for keeping home

Whereas the keep-to-lift phenomenon is increasingly popular among homebuyers, this is not the case for buying an additional home to rent out. This is also known as buy-to-let. The Kadaster registered 75,000 housing transactions over the past decade. However, the gap is narrowing with the 62,000 keep-to-let transactions.

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Fleur Slaman
Commercial manager
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