16 januari 2024

I arrived to Poundwise by chance when i relocated with my ex-husband and started to work as a zzp.

From the get-go, the support, care and dedication I experienced from all the team members, made me feel very welcome.

As I write these lines, I am even getting emotional, as I remember how scared I was from the world of finances, especially after my divorce, while being a performing artist on a very low income.

Throughout the years I learned to ground myself in my growth, to gradually find my confidence and trust. What I love about Poundwise, that to all of you it did not matter wether I am a CEO of a multi million business, or a creative who is venturing into creating artistic work. I felt heard, appreciated and seen.

With this mail, I want to dedicate my deepest gratitude to RABAN the one of a kind being. His generosity and guidance. Support and care means the world to me. I feel very grateful to be with having someone as Raban on my team.

And I want to extend my gratitude to all of you!