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Joost van Klink

SME Advisor / Relationship Manager

Joost always wants to provide added value

Joost holds a master’s degree in Accountancy from Nyenrode University and previously worked at two major accountancy firms. ‘But Poundwise suits me much better.’ Why? ‘The hustle and bustle. Close contact with entrepreneurs and the dynamics of working in such an involved manner means that you’re constantly challenged.’ Joost’s priority is to provide added value, no matter the nature of the issue at hand. ‘Our clients work in all sectors and segments and their businesses vary in size. This means that they face a wide range of issues. This diversity keeps me on my toes, and helps me keep my clients on theirs as well!’

Joost van Klink is here for you

Joost van Klink

Relationship Manager/SME Advisor